Laster Hendelser
Beklager. Denne hendelse har allerede funnet sted.

Through conscious connected breathing you accumulate life force (prana, chi, ki) which starts to move freely through you body (experienced as tingling, energy rushes or waves).
This loosens up stored blockages held in your four-body energy system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), thus working on all four levels at the same time.
Experiences may vary every time. The spectrum of experiences range from physical sensations of pain or pleasure, release of body blockages through heat or energy movement to release of emotions (sadness, anger, etc.) There may be realisations of dysfunctional thought patterns or new thought connections and insights, and deeply spiritual or energetic experiences.

The breath work process releases the emotional, negative charge out of cell memory. The process causes integration of unresolved emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies. The primary result is an experience of clarity at a very core level. The process empowers a person into choice and out of victim-hood.
By learning to use breathing as a highly transformational tool (conscious connected circular breathing), you will learn how to free your physical and emotional body from energetic blockages resulting from traumatic or suppressed experience.
Paolo will be guiding you safely through this journey.

For the group session, I recommend that you wear comfortable loose jogging style pants that allow freedom of movement of the legs and pelvic area in case we do some energy releasing exercises.

Please do not eat any heavy food 1-2 hours before the session begins, fruit is ok.

Limited number of spaces, contact Paolo to reserve. The price per person is 300 NOK ♥ and duration is 3 hours. Please arrive 15 minutes early at 17.45 so we may begin promptly.


Daytime i’m available for private sessions that cost 900 krone and duration is 3 hours